Hiking Priorat

Hiking Priorat

The best experiences for an exciting land and fine wine test is hiking Priorat and Montsant, you will not forgot for a years.

  • Enjoy the Priorat region. Hikers will be surprised by the fine wines and wonderful landscapes.
  • You will hike to the top of the mountain in the Natural Park of Montssant.
  • Live the origins of the story through Escala Dei Monastery.
  • You will enjoy impressive and extensive views of the best red wine land.

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First of all, hiking around the famous Priorato and Natural Park of the Montsant, will provide you some spectacular landscapes and with the help of our guides you will have a perfect pace. Also, You will be integrated into the geography and culture of this region. Furthermore, with exceptional views of Priorato, Siurana was the stronghold of kings, guarding a Romanesque jewel in S.XIV. Finally, you’ll revive medieval legends during the hike from Siurana to Siranella. In the heart of the Priorat, you will be transported back several centuries.

In addition, you will walk to the top of the mountain in the Natural Park to an excellent viewpoint in Montssant, balcony of Priorato. It will be one of your most spectacular experiences, transporting you to the eleventh century, when monks, peasants and bandits inhabited the area.

The Priorat region has been making quality wines for a long time, but it was the mid-70s when they started becoming more serious. The Grenache is a traditional variety of grape. The quality of the soil and dry climate, create fabulous conditions for high quality wines. You can breathe the scent of earth and sense the soft touch of this arid land and climate. The residents are peaceful and always hospitable to visitors.

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