Walking Recommendations

Walking recommendations for the best tour or trip in Barcelona.

Pay attention on your gear, clothing and meals needed for a day excursion, the rest is on our hands. Furthermore it will be a great experience with these Walking recommendations.

Hiking equipment


Trekking boots. Long Trekking pants (synthetic fabric). Base layer (synthetic fabric). T-shirt. Insulating layer: medium-thick fleece.
Shell layer – Gore-tex. Thin jacket (just for rain and wind). Thick fleece. Buff – Cap (head protection against wind and sun). Gloves. Rain pants (in rain forecast conditions).


Pack (capacity of 25 to 30 liters). Pack cover. Knife. Sunglasses. Sunscreen (skin and lips). Trekking poles. Mobile phone. Torch. Toilet paper. Camera.

Meals for a day trip

Two sandwiches, fruits, nuts, chocolate… Filled water-tank of a liter or more.

Hiking Boots

Trekking Poles

How to lance hiking boots for better fit

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